My Top 10 Live Performances of 2014

top 10 performance

Ever watched an artist perform and think ‘Damn, I wish I was there!’ I am a true believer that if an artist can not resonate well with their audience when performing their work, there’s something wrong. Whether you’re the most introverted … Continue reading

Song of the Week¦ Theophilus London ft Kanye West – Can’t Stop


I’ve been a fan of Theophilus London for a minute now and I genuinely love his music. Unfortunately, people associate him much more with fashion (yes, he is has dope style) but he is actually a good artist in his … Continue reading

Album Review ¦ ‘Black Messiah’ D’Angelo and The Vanguard


*Listen to the album HERE* Oh my, oh my. I don’t even know where to begin… Let’s face it when you haven’t brought out an album in 14 years and the last album you did bring out essentially blew everyone … Continue reading